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A Bit About Us

Messages From the Past is a teen-led organization working to make Holocaust education more accessible to teenagers through text messaging. We send out one text message every month that features the story of the Holocaust survivor. We work with the CJE Seniorlife Holocaust Community Services team.

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Naomi Altman


Naomi is a freshman at Emory University and is very passionate about social justice and Holocaust education. She was inspired to create MFTP after witnessing Holocaust denial and Antisemitism. As a teenager, she knows teens are always on their phones and thought that text messages were the perfect way to reach them.

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Why the flower?

Messages From the Past is inspired by Sura Vaysman.

When Naomi was in 3rd grade, she met Holocaust survivor Sura Vaysman. Sura shared her story of how she survived the Holocaust and gifted me a crocheted flower. Ever since then, flowers have represented strength and survival to Naomi and when she was thinking of a logo for MFTP, her immediate thought was to use Sura’s flower to honor her impact on Naomi and her passion for Holocaust education. 


Naomi had the opportunity to reconnect with Sura this year and MFTP featured her story in the 5/4 text message. 

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